Phone Number: 435-672-9990

Town Email:  of****@to*********.org

To be added to town email list:  li***@to*********.org

Physical Address

190 N 3rd East – Unit #1 (Northwest side of building)

Bluff, Utah 84512

Mailing Address

Town of Bluff

PO Box 324

Bluff, UT 84512

Bluff Town Council Representatives

Ann Leppanen, Mayor: an*@to*********.org

Brant Murray: br***@to*********.org

Jim Sayers: ji*@to*********.org

Linda Sosa, Records Officer: li***@to*********.org

Luanne Hook: lu****@to*********.org

Bluff Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning Commission: pl************@to*********.org

Amanda Podmore, Chair: am******@to*********.org

Marcia Hadenfeldt, Vice-Chair: ma******@to*********.org

Edward Dobson, Commissioner: ed**@to*********.org

Malia Collins, Commissioner: ma*****@to*********.org

Brian Whitney, Commissioner: br*****@to*********.org

To Reach a Staff Member

Erin Nelson, Town Manager: ma*****@to*********.org

Kathy Carson, Town Clerk: of*********@to*********.org

Malia Collins, Community Center Manager: co*************@to*********.org