The Cooperative Cultural Center (known as the “CCC” and sometimes referred to as the “Old Elementary School”) is located at the intersection of 6th East and Black Locust Avenue. The facility was jointly acquired by the Town of Bluff and Utah Dine Bikeyah (UDB) in October of 2021.

The Town intends to redevelop their portion of the property as a future Town Hall and a center for community events and activities. UDB has expressed interest in using their portion of the property as headquarters for its organization and using the remainder for community-related activities and non-profit services.

A Design Review Committee consisting of two Town representatives and two UDB representatives is currently working to meet the requirements set out in the purchase agreement.

School Acquisition and Redevelopment Agreement 

School Map

School Purchase Agreement

Town of Bluff Ordinance No. 2021-30-9

Bluff Elem. School Fact Sheet