A Public Hearing took place on May 22, 2023 at 6:00PM consider whether the Town of Bluff should adopt an ordinance limiting or restricting aviation traffic within town boundaries. This hearing was to solicit input from the residents and property owners of Bluff. The video recording can be found by clicking here.

Residents and property owners may file written comments with the Planning & Zoning Commission within 10 days after the public hearing (by June 1, 2023).


Building Permits

Questions about building in Bluff? View our easy flow chart to learn about the process!

The Town of Bluff enacted zoning and planning ordinances governing new development within the Town.  In some cases new development may require subdivision review or formal site plan review as provided by the ordinances.  All new development will be screened for compliance with Town ordinances. To obtain a building permit the applicant must first receive a Land Use Clearance (LUC) from the Town of Bluff Planning & Zoning Commission.  After approving the LUC the Commission will send the LUC to San Juan County. The applicant must send their full application to San Juan County. The County will issue a building permit if the application for the building permit is complete and includes the LUC. A building permit must be obtained before beginning new construction, before moving a trailer or pre-built home onto a lot and for any addition or remodeling.  

Click here to download the Land Use Clearance Application Form

Completed Land Use Clearance forms must be received by 5:00 pm MT the Friday before the next regular meeting in order to be reviewed at that meeting. 


Final General Plan

Link to  Bluff General Plan Signed

Link to General Plan Appendices


Planning & Zoning Commissioners:

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Committee Members

Date Appointed

Length of Term

Amanda Podmore

November 2022

Re-appointed for 2nd 4-Year Term
December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2025

Marcia Hadenfeldt

November 2020

4 Year Term
December 1, 2020 – November 30, 2024

Ed Dobson

November 2020

4 Year Term
December 1, 2020 – November 30, 2024

Malia Collins

November 2022

4 Year Term
December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2025

Brian Whitney

April 2022

4 Year Term
2023 – November 30, 2025

Open & Public Meetings Act Completed Training

Marcia Hadenfeldt – November 2022

Amanda Podmore – January 2023

Malia Collins – January 2023

Ed Dobson – January 2023