Public Notices

June 1-7, 2023 Declaration of Filing Bluff Town Council Election

June 6, 2023 Public Hearing – FY2023 Amended Budget & FY2024 Tentative Budget

May 22, 2023 Public Hearing – to consider whether the Town of Bluff should adopt an ordinance limiting or restricting aviation traffic within town boundaries

Items Noted During Town Council Meetings

May 2, 2023 – Link to SITLA Letter RDCC Notification #85360; Town of Bluff Response Letter

April 14, 2023 – Special Meeting regarding aviation Facilities in Bluff. Link to the resulting Temporary Ordinance

February 21, 2023 – Letter to SITLA from Town of Bluff

February 14, 2023 – SITLA/Bears Ears Land Exchange – Bluff Map; SITLA Land Exchange – State of Utah Map

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Educational Videos & Links

Arundo Invasive Species Informational Handout

Video: A Walk-Through: Arundo Removal Recipe

Utah’s Noxious Weeds

How to remove Goathead/Puncture Vine

Where can I access Ordinances, Forms, and Documents?

Please visit Town Ordinances, Town Resolutions, Town Forms and Applications or the Planning and Zoning Homepage for zoning-specific documents.

Questions about building in Bluff?

To obtain a building permit from San Juan County, applicants must first receive a Land Use Clearance (LUC) from the Town of Bluff Planning & Zoning Commission. After approval, the Commission will send the LUC to San Juan County. Please visit the Planning & Zoning page for full details.