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August 22nd, 1pm MT – Active Transportation Committee Meeting

September 5th, 4PM MT – Active Transportation Stakeholder Meeting

September 19th, 1pm MT – Active Transportation Committee Meeting

October 3rd , 4PM MT – Active Transportation Stakeholder Meeting

October 17th, 1pm MT – Active Transportation Committee Meeting

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Agendas and Minutes

Committee MembersDate AppointedTerm Length
Luanne HookSeptember 20222 Years
Anthony LottSeptember 20222 Years
Jim SayersSeptember 20222 Years
Molly SchmidtSeptember 20222 Years
Deborah WestfallSeptember 20222 Years

On August 9, 2022, the Bluff Town Council agreed to create the Safe Routes Committee, now named the “Active Transportation Advisory Committee” to explore planning grants, opportunities such as creating an active transportation plan, safe streets, and reconnecting communities. The committee serves as an advisory board to the Town Council and will formally make recommendations for Town Council vote upon.

Active Transportation Advisory Committee Bylaws

Mission: The Active Transportation Advisory Committee will lead a community driven process, creating and sustaining connectivity and active travel for safety, health and recreation.

What is an Active Transportation Plan? Active Transportation Plans, also known as Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plans, are guiding documents adopted by different government entities. These lay the foundation for what types of walking and bicycle infrastructure will be built, where it will be built, and how it will be built. If you want your community to be a better place to walk and ride, an Active Transportation Plan is the starting point.

Project Timeline: In late September, The Bluff Town Council voted to approve a partnership with Bike Utah to develop an Active Transportation Plan. Bike Utah will host community workshops in early Spring of 2023. Based on community input, we will use the completed Active Transportation Plan to apply for possible construction grants in the Fall of 2023.

Why Community Workshops? We need your input! This is your chance to design what gets built and where. Are you hoping to see more protected walkways? A more defined Main Street? A safe way for kids to get to school? More access to historical landmarks? Better accessibility? Cool signage? Shade structures? Benches? Artwork? Ideas for programming? Connections to the San Juan River, St. Christopher’s Mission, Sand Island? Let us know! Once the workshop dates are confirmed, we will let you know.

Design Review Committee

More information coming soon

Ad Hoc Solar Eclipse Planning Committee

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During the January 17th Regular Town Council Meeting, the council voted to create the ad hoc Solar Eclipse Planning Committee to help the town prepare for the annular solar eclipse taking place on Saturday, October 14, 2023. This committee will serve as an advisory board to the Town Council, as well as implement approved council decisions. 

Meetings will take place virtually on Wednesdays at 10:00AM per the schedule below.

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Or dial: ‪(US) +1 443-461-5546‬ PIN: ‪737 303 659‬#
*The public is welcome to join. Time for public comments will be held at the beginning of each meeting.*

Agendas & Minutes

Jan/Feb 2023March
January 18March 1April 5May 3June 7July 12August 16September 13October 4
(In Person)
February 1March 15April 19May 17June 21moved to July 27thAugust 30September 20October 11 
February 15September 27October 14
(In Person, 7:00AM)
October 25

Members: Erin Nelson (Chair), Ann Leppanen, Anthony Lott, Diana Davidson, Jen Davila, Kathy Carson, Kerri Harris, Malyssa Egge, Sarah Burak, Tim Hamilton

We look forward to providing a safe, well-planned, and memorable day for residents and visitors.

Planning and Zoning Commission

*Please see the Planning and Zoning Commission Home Page for Planning and Zoning business*

Dark Sky Committee

The Bluff Town Council created the Dark Sky Committee on May 9, 2023. The purpose of the committee is to write the application for the Dark Sky Community Application through DarkSky (previously known as International Dark Sky Association). The application process can take between a year to three years, and the application will be formally approved by Town Council prior to submittal.

Committee Members: Sarah Burak, Luanne Hook, Erin Nelson, Ann Leppanen

Meeting Dates / Times: TBD