The 2024 – 2028 Strategic Plan was developed over the course of eight months with the help of many individuals in Bluff, as well as our project facilitators: Pathway Associates. The planning resulted in ten (10) goals made up of detailed objectives, progress indicators, and specific outcomes. The community helped create the plan, and it will take the effort of the community to ensure these goals are met. The document is comprised of 47 pages and has been split up by section below, for ease of viewing. If you have any questions about the planning process or final approved document, you can reach out to the town at

Approved Strategic Plan – Introduction (Pages 1-7)

Goal 1: Community Health and Safety (Pages 9-11)

Goal 2: Organizational Effectiveness (Pages 12-16)

Goal 3: Elected Leadership (Pages 17-18)

Goal 4: Natural Resource Management (Pages 19-20)

Goal 5: Parks, Recreation, and Sustainability (Pages 21-23)

Goal 6: Active Transportation (Pages 24-25)

Goal 7: Culture, Events, and Welcoming Community (Pages 26-30)

Goal 8: Affordable Housing (Pages 31-33)

Goal 9: Expand and Diversify Economic Opportunities (Pages 34-37)

Goal 10: Preserve Environmental Resources (Pages 38-39)

Timeline & Conclusion (Pages 40-47)